"Restless Soul"
  • "Restless Soul"
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15 song cd includes the ASCAP Award winning "If Dreams Were Money". There's several cuts that have been staples with the Bruce Marshall Group but most of the songs have never been released. It features Marshall on acoustic, dobro, National Resolectric and vocals.
Availible through ATM Records - 2008


  1. Restless Soul
  2. Slave To My Senses
  3. Sliver Of The Moon
  4. Angeline
  5. Impossible Companion
  6. Take Back The Night
  7. Gold
  8. Honey Dip
  9. Calm Before The Storm
  10. Good Things
  11. If Dreams Were Money
  12. What We Had Is Gone
  13. Haunts You In The End
  14. Flying Low
  15. Crawdad Creek

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