"Misspent Youth"
  • "Misspent Youth"
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12 new Bruce Marshall original songs, touching on shades of R & B, Blues, Rock and Soul, with stellar production throughout!

Sally Marshall adds vocals to “Slave to my Senses” and “Misspent Youth”, James Montgomery is featured on a “3 Chords and the Truth”, and Britt Sawdon sings on “Procrastination”. The Rhythm section is Jeff Majeau and Neil Taylor on bass, Steve Wolpe and Pete Premo on drums. Ed Grenga added hammond organ and piano. Dave Cournoyer played guitars, bass and notched a production credit on the disc. John Donahoe adds fiddle and sax on 3 songs with Bruce singing lead, playing electric, acoustic and dobro guitars. Our thanks go out to all those involved in the project and to our fans who have waited patiently for this release.


1.Slave to my Senses
2.Misspent Youth
3.3 Chords and the Truth
4.Blues in the House
5.Dirty Side Down
6.Conscience as my Witness
7.Restless Soul
8.What We Had is Gone
9.My Own Bed
12.There Go I

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