"Kalispell 10th Anniversary Edition"
  • "Kalispell 10th Anniversary Edition"
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The other day I listened to my “Kalispell” CD for the first time in years, in it’s entirety. Most songwriters don’t play their own stuff too much because we had to live and breathe those tracks for months when we recorded them. I know I’m biased but I have to say I’m damn proud of this record, it’s an engaging listen from song 1 through 15. The performances, production and engineering, all done by the band, is stellar throughout and it’s my high water mark creatively. I’m not taking anything away from my other CD’s but our fans constantly tell us this is their favorite BMG release.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to release a 10th anniversary edition of Kalispell this Monday, Dec. 1st. There will be a bonus track added, “Engine 54 Battalion 9”, the tribute to fallen 911 firefighters written by Bruce and Michelle Marshall. There’s also new artwork and graphics and eco friendly packaging. Lots of folks said they lost their original copy when they loaned it to a friend so here’s a chance to get a new one and some additional copies as gifts.


  1. Last Call and First Light
  2. Kalispell
  3. Can't Cheat Fate
    4. Dancehall Sweat
  4. Say Little
  5. Can I Change My Mind
  6. Cold April Rain
  7. What Kind of Fool
  8. I Need A Raise
  9. Paper Trail
  10. This Ol' Cowboy
  11. Rescue
  12. Man Out of Time
  13. House Lo Mein
  14. Engine 54 Battalion 9

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