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Northbound Train

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Bruce Marshall, Acoustic Guitar, Lead and backing Vocals
John Merchant, Bass, Guitar
Liz Dix, Harmony Vocals
Jack Walker, Dobro

Written by Bruce Marshall
Produced by Bruce Marshall and John Merchant
Recorded at The Stoogio, Toronto, Canada

Photo Credit, Ed Connolly


Now I’m feelin’ those winds of change, I can feel it in the air, I always thought here I’d remain and live out all my years;
As I make my way to a simple life in a town that I once knew; Where the water’s clear and the air is clean and the crowds are few.


All my best laid plans, are gonna find me; boardin’ on a northbound train;
All my best laid plans, are gonna guide me back up on that northbound train’
If I could find a way to leave tomorrow, I would beg, steal or borrow
To get me on that northbound train.

Now it’s not time for sad goodbyes, it’s not time to fret; There’s a place to work, we work for time, and days we won’t forget. And now the lakes and mountains call and all that we hold dear. This is where my family lived now it’s all so clear;


Now I won’t look back when I move on, and I won’t forget my roots; Where I was raised and misbehaved and had my misspent youth. But so much has changed and re-arranged and there’s some things I’m gonna miss; There may never be a better time to grab a chance like this.